KFC drumstick corsage the ‘Secret Recipe’ to a memorable prom

If you're worried that a rose corsage just isn't special enough for your prom date, maybe it's time to consider…chicken?

Just make sure your date's not a vegetarian.

KFC is helping prom dates stand out (and smell the best) with its limited-edition chicken corsage.

For $20, online shoppers will receive a kit from Nanz & Kraft, a Louisville, Kentucky-based florist — local buyers will receive corsages with fresh baby's breath, out-of-towners will get silk versions — that includes a $5 KFC gift card to cover the cost of whichever drumstick you think will best match your date's dress: Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

Just add chicken, and you've got the corsage of a grease-lovers' dreams.

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There are only 100 of these corsages available — "Just like the last piece of chicken in the bucket, when they're gone, they're gone," KFC warns — but it probably won't take long until Pinterest will be offering some DIY instructions for those who miss out on the offer.

"If you happen to attend a prom that doesn't come with dinner included in the price of the ticket, this is actually a pretty economical choice," Mary Beth Quick writes for Consumerist. "You can nosh while you wait for your mother to take the 19,003rd photo of you and some guy whose tuxedo was way too big and whose name you won't remember 14 years later anyway so whatever, just hurry up."

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According to ABC News, there have already been 20 orders for the formal-poultry accessory, and even a request from a wedding party.

"We'll probably end up catering that one just so guests don't end up eating the corsages," says KFC spokesperson Rick Maynard.

And, no, they are not doing boutonnieres — but that doesn't mean you can't whip something up to complement the chicken corsage yourself.

"What about cuff links that are just little McNuggets or something like that?" asks Carson Daly on TODAY.

Not a bad idea, Daly. Not bad at all.