Kim Hefer becomes first mother in Britain to give birth to two sets of twins with the same birthday

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On July 18th, 2008, Kim Hefer gave birth to twin boys, Tristan and Blake.

This summer, on July 18th, she gave birth to another set of twin boys, Devon and Logan.

"When I found out I was having yet another set of twins at my scan I couldn't believe it, we were gobsmacked," Kim tells the Cambridge News. "But to have the boys on exactly the same day, I just thought, 'There are going to be some crazy birthdays in my household.'"

Devon and Logan were born four weeks early.

Kim, 29, and her husband, Freddie, 30, are believed to be the only parents of two sets of naturally conceived twins born on the same day in Britain.

The DailyMail reports that there are only six families in the world with two sets of twins born on the same date.

"To have them born on the same day — we couldn't believe it," Freddie, a bank manager, tells the Mirror.

"I'm excited to have four boys running around the house and I'm looking forward to seeing them grow up and play in sports days together. All four of my children are beautiful and happy and healthy. I feel very lucky."

"They will all form a nice little rugby or cricket squad in our back garden. My husband is very keen as he is a huge rugby and cricket fan," Kim tells the London Evening Standard.

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Both Kim and Freddie are from South Africa. Her mother Kathy is visiting from South Africa to help Kim with "the band of brothers."

Keith Reed, chief executive of the Twins and Multiple Births Association, tells the Cambridge News, "Having two sets of twins born on the same day is very unusual and I'm delighted to see the family's relatives are rallying around to help. It's going to be hard work so they need all the support they can get, which will help to make it an incredibly rewarding and lovely experience."

Reed adds,"Given the latest test match results, I just hope these boys opt to play cricket for England rather then South Africa."

"It's extraordinary — it beats all statistics. If Kim had put a bet on this when she was pregnant four years ago she would have broken the banks. The odds are at least 30,000,000-to-1," Rupert Adams, from bookies William Hill, tells the Sun.

Other mathematicians say the odds are 5,000,000-to-1.

"We're definitely not planning to have any more children — I think two sets of twins is quite enough," the happy, healthy (and probably exhausted) mom claims.

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