Las Vegas Wedding Wagon marries couples on the sidewalk for $99

Nadine Kalinauskas
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If the Las Vegas wedding-chapel option doesn't suit your Vegas wedding needs — not everyone loves Elvis, chapels, and the fees associated with them — a new Las Vegas Wedding Wagon might be more affordable. And it will bring the ceremony right to you, at the side of the road.

Co-founders Andy Gonzalez, 38, and James Cass, 39, who got ordained online to perform non-denominational weddings, say the demand for their services is already so high that their website keeps crashing.

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"It's been really rewarding to have locals — limo drivers, people from chapels — coming up to us and saying, 'This is amazing! I can't believe no one else thought of this!'" Gonzalez tells MSNBC.

The Wedding Wagon's weddings are 100 per cent binding. In this case, what happens in Vegas doesn't just stay in Vegas.

Watch a promo video for the company here.

The Las Vegas Wedding Wagon delivers an ordained minister, a witness, an altar, floral arrangements, and a 10-minute ceremony, to anywhere in the greater Las Vegas area — for just $99. Just be sure to bring a marriage certificate to the event. (In Nevada, a license to marry can be issued the same day as the application, Reuters reports.)

To help capture the day, five candid photos will be taken at the ceremony and later emailed to the couple. Souvenir t-shirts are extra.

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Four couples have already used the service, with their first bride, Stefanie Tucker, calling her ceremony "perfect." It came complete with a photo of the couple by the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign and the Wedding Wagon parked in front.

"I was not going to pay $400 for an Elvis wedding," she tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Weddings can be stressful and expensive. Would you consider drastically cutting costs — and planning headaches — by getting hitched on the side of road in Vegas?

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