LE TOTE: Clothing rental service lets you borrow and return clothes for a monthly fee

Shine On

That unlimited wardrobe you've been dreaming of could soon be just a mouse click away. LE TOTE is a new startup that offers online clothing rentals, and it launches in San Francisco this week. The price tag? A mere $49 a month for unlimited rentals.

According to LE TOTE co-founder Brett Northart, who spoke with BetaKit, the long arm of social media means that everyone sees Friday night's outfit, even if they weren't out on Friday night. Also, everyone knows it's the gravest of fashion sins to be seen in the same thing — Gasp! — twice.

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Here's how the website works. Users fill out an online profile detailing their personal style, and LE TOTE's stylists will create a profile based on their likes and dislikes. Users are then sent a tote bag containing three clothing items and two accessories that can be kept for however long they want. When they're done with the items, they simply pop them back in the tote and return, and another tote will arrive to replace it. No washing is required, and users can repeat the process as often as they like.

There are other subscription services out there — JustFab is a big one, and available in Canada — but most require a monthly purchase, rather than a rental. One Canadian service that doesn't require you to buy anything is Rent frock Repeat, which rents out high-end designer dresses by mail for four to eight days. It is not, however, the unlimited apparel bonanza that LE TOTE promises to be.

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If it's makeup that you can't get enough of, there's Topbox.ca. For $10 per month, the subscription service will send you four samples of anything from hair products to makeup to beauty tools.

As for that bottomless closet, keep your fingers crossed that LE TOTE is all it promises to be, and that it makes its way across the border in the not-too-distant future.

Watch the video below for some makeup tips to enhance your natural beauty.