Leather trousers top the list of women’s most regrettable fashion purchases

Lia Grainger
Shine On

A survey has named the clothing purchases that women most regret buying, and good ol' leather pants is at the top of the "stuff we'll never wear again" list.

British drink brand Lambrini surveyed 2000 women about their fashion faux pas, and found that 79 per cent confessed to having bought "embarrassing" clothes.

Nearly half (46 per cent) of the women who reported having purchased leather pants regretted the decision. Apparently just because Kim Kardashian is rocking something, it doesn't mean we should all rush out and buy it.

Coming in second was shell suits, followed by velour tracksuits, and anything fluorescent. See-through tops, crop tops and thigh-high boots also cracked the top ten.

So why is it that we buy things we eventually end up chucking?

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The Daily Mail reports that according to the survey, one of the key reasons for ditching the item in question was the realization post-purchase that it looked "cheap" (54 per cent gave this reason) or that it was no longer in fashion (56 per cent).

Though few want to admit it, most of us likely sift through our closets at the end of the year and have at least a couple of items that prompt the response, "What was I thinking?"

But it doesn't have to be this way.

"First, make sure you have a list," says shopping guru Cathie Mostowyk of Shoestringshopping.com.

Though her specialty is bargain shopping, she also knows a thing or two about curbing unnecessary spending.

"Know what you're shopping for before you head out," says Mostowyk. "You might see something and think, 'Oh wouldn't this be fabulous!' and then you get it home and realize it's not even something you're comfortable wearing."

She counsels people to be extra careful at warehouse sales, where it might seem like a deal is just too good to pass up, even though you weren't necessarily planning on buying a leopard-print jumpsuit.

"It might seem like you can't afford not to buy it, and that sort of thinking can lead to some poor decisions."

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Nabeela Ahsan, an instructor at Ryerson University's School of Fashion, says people develop fixed ideas about their public image and will buy articles of clothing that fit with that image, even it's not an authentic representation of who they really are.

"Sometimes these decisions are influenced by images of models or celebrities wearing the styles," says Ahsan. "If Lana Del Ray looks hot in a fluffy acrylic sweater in an H&M advertisement, it doesn't necessarily mean anyone will, or that kind of sweater is practical."

Ahsan suggests appraising your wardrobe and making lists of items that are needed.

"Keep in mind the styles that you most often wear and understand why you do so," says Ahsan.

You might also want to visit store websites online before going to the mall, so you know where you want to shop and how much you want to spend.

Anything to prevent a closet packed to the hilt with crocs, track suits and belly tops.