‘Love Conductor’ mines New York City subway for potential love matches

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Shine On

The crushing grind of the daily public transit commute can glaze over the loveliest of eyes, making it easy to miss the attractive individual clinging onto that subway strap at 6 o'clock.

That's where Erika Christensen comes in.

The 31-year-old Brooklyn resident has driven her "love of love" into a veritable matchmaking career in the unlikeliest (but somehow most obvious) of places: New York City's massive transit system.

Christensen, who calls herself the "Love Conductor," spends her days aboard the city's crowded trains, seeking out potential romantic matches for her clients.

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"I'm using the subway as this great recruitment tool," she tells the New York Post.

"It's a totally natural idea for New York… There is that little nugget of hope that makes commuting more exciting."

Interested parties pay the entrepreneurial-minded matchmaker between $39 and $456 per month for her services, which include everything from setting up dates to relationship coaching.

Because subways tend to gather a far more diverse cross-section than, say, a bar or a club, the opportunities to find a date are endless.

Christensen conducts her business by approaching interesting-looking people in the subway and asking if they're single. If they are, she hands out her business card, which reads, "You've been spotted," and asks them to give her a call.

No doubt more than a few single men have been disappointed to learn the date is not with her.

She's also trained her keen eye to hone in on people checking each other out from afar.

"I don't know if you people are single, but you are clearly enjoying the sight of each other," is the line she uses to diffuse a possible missed connection scenario.

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For those who didn't have a Love Conductor intervention in time, Christensen has included a "Missed Connections" section on her Train Spottings blog where people can write in seeking the beautiful stranger whose number he or she failed to secure before the next stop.

She's also kindly provided a list of tips for singles looking to maximize their transit time, starting with a call to put down all anti-social arms.

"Start by taking off those headphones, girl! God forbid if baby blues actually musters the courage to talk to your sassy self, but sadly you've struck him as unapproachable since you'd rather listen to Adele singing torch songs for the umpteenth time!" she writes.

Though the Post didn't elaborate on her success rate, imagine the "how we met" story potential.

Would you be freaked out by a subway-facilitated date or is this a goldmine of untapped love potential?