Loyal puppy waits outside hospital for 8 days to embrace owner

Loyal dog waits outside hospital for 8 days to embrace owner

A loyal puppy was recently reunited with his owner after waiting outside the hospital for more than a week.

The patient canine named Seco refused to leave his post outside the Brazilian hospital that his owner, Lauri da Costa, was admitted to after being randomly hit in the face with a rock.

While da Costa was receiving care for his injuries, doctors discovered he had melanoma on his face and kept him longer to treat it, reports The Dodo.

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His faithful dog stayed outside the hospital and was given food and water by staff.

Hospital rules dictated that the dog could not go inside to see his owner, but on the eighth day, the staff made an exception and permitted Seco to visit da Costa.

The heartwarming event was captured on video.

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The footage shows Seco jump on his owner's lap and frantically lick his face while furiously wagging his tail with excitement.

After the visitation was up, Seco then returned to his post, waiting for da Costa to be discharged.

Da Costa is one of many lucky dog owners who have been touched by the loyalty of his canine friend.

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In 2012, we reported on a dog who stood guard over his deceased owner’s grave for six years. The German Shepard ran away from home after his owner died and was later found at the grave site watching guard.

And last year, an Australian man who was trapped under his car for four days was kept warm by his dog who would lie across his chest until he was rescued.