Magic sparkly ‘husband-finding’ sweater available on eBay

Nadine Bells
Shine On

"I know you hate it, but if you would just start wearing things like this, you are sure to find a husband," says an eBay seller's well-intentioned mother who gifted her daughter a beaded sweater for Christmas.

Six years later, and now happily married, the daughter insists the sweater had nothing to do with finding true love. Seller 323angelnofoodie is ready to let another singleton test its magical powers.

"It did not help me find a husband.  Your results may vary," she writes.

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Jezebel suggests that if the metallic sweater can't help you find a husband, it might help you find tetanus.

"Tetanus could really use a companion — it's pretty forlorn."

The sweater is up for auction for three more days on eBay. Its current highest bid is just over $20 USD.

While the husband-finding sweater can't guarantee you a husband, researchers have been able to confirm that certain clothing can work to our advantage in other instances.

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"Enclothed cognition" is a term used to explain the effect clothing has on our psychology, and how it seems to hold some power over us. For example, wearing a lab coat, one study claims, might actually make you better at solving problems.

"The main conclusion that we can draw from the studies is that the influence of wearing a piece of clothing depends on both its symbolic meaning and the physical experience of wearing the clothes," the authors write. "There seems to be something special about the physical experience of wearing a piece of clothing."

So if you believe that a sparkly bronze sweater contains important husband-finding qualities, maybe it does.

Perhaps a more successful attempt at finding love through your wardrobe would be attending a pheromone party. Sniff an old shirt, fall in love?

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