Man sues ex-wife for stealing his frozen sperm to get pregnant in secret

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Many people go to great lengths to conceive a child, but one Russian woman took it to a whole new level when she hijacked her ex-husband's sperm and went behind his back to become pregnant, reports the Daily Mail.

The woman in question is currently being sued by her former husband, a man from the United Arab Emirates, for having an Emirati fertility clinic inseminate her with his frozen sperm.

The couple had been receiving treatment for infertility at the clinic, when the relationship soured. The insemination allegedly happened just a few weeks before the couple separated, and the woman had to forge her soon-to-be ex-husband's signature to get the clinic to perform the insemination.

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The procedure ultimately resulted in a daughter, and the unwitting dad only found out about his new status as a parent from a friend to whom the mom divulged her secret. The wife then had the gall to file a lawsuit demanding that the father allow the baby to take his name. Then, in what can only be described as a very American move, the father counter-sued the ex-wife for allegedly getting her hands on the sperm under false pretenses.

And while the father has been pretty forgiving — he let the daughter take his name and acknowledges her as his own — he's still pretty choked about the circumstances of the conception, and claims the pregnancy was just a way for the mom to "stay in the UAE and get benefits," adding that, "this shouldn't be allowed."

The UAE judge working on the case appears to be both exceedingly patriotic and debilitatingly romantic. He said the mom just wanted to be "touched by the lightness of the people here" and that the  dad is "an amazing man - I can understand why she couldn't let go of you." Sounds like someone's got a crush.

The case is currently on hold until November 7, when the man will be expected to produce a copy of the agreement he originally signed at the fertility clinic.

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If this sounds bizarre, last November, a Houston man discovered that his ex-girlfriend had allegedly saved one of their used condoms, taken the sample to a fertility clinic, and had them artificially inseminate her with its contents. She then sued him for child support — and won.

And in Britain, one man who stored his sperm because he feared his arthritis treatments might make him infertile, got a couple of unexpected surprises. Soon after he stored his sample, he and his wife divorced, but she still managed to go back and be inseminated twice, by simply forging his signature. She also sued the dad for about $140,000 in child support, and won.

What does this all mean? Judges everywhere from the Middle East to America to the Queen's England are modelling their courts on the popular television show Judge Judy, and are a-okay with sperm stealing ladies.