Meet the student who eats her body weight in ketchup every year

Shereen Dindar
Contributing Writer
Shine On

Think you’re a huge ketchup fan? Melissa Ibbitson has you beat.

The 19-year-old British university student consumes about three bottles of ketchup a week, equivalent to almost 154-pounds of the condiment every year, reports the Daily Mail.

Ibbitson dreads what her four-year-long ketchup addiction is doing to her body.

"I can't remember how it became such an obsession but now I can't live without it," says Ibbitson, who admits she has walked out of restaurants that don't stock her favourite condiment.

She says she routinely embarrasses her friends by asking for as many as 12 packets of ketchup while eating on campus, taking the extras home to stockpile.

Heinz is her favourite brand, but Ibbitson can't always afford it as a student.

"I would rather have a brand that isn't Heinz than no ketchup at all."

Due to her cult-like love of the condiment, her family and friends have bought her ketchup-themed gifts -- such as a ketchup bottle-shaped birthday cake and an "I love ketchup" tea towel.

As far as unhealthy addictions go, Ibbitson’s seems mild in comparison to some.

Diet Coke addict Jakki Ballan is currently seeking hypnotherapy to beat her 50-cans-a-day soft drink habit. It is so severe she sometimes experiences hallucinations from excess caffeine.

And Georgi Readman's ramen noodle addiction has caused the young woman to have the health of an 80-year-old.

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