‘Milking’ video an internet sensation: Funny prank or waste of food?

Lia Grainger
Shine On

Ever bought a four pint jug of milk and, rather than drinking the calcium-rich gift from nature, poured the contents over your head?

Likely, the answer is no, and you're probably thinking to yourself, "Why…why…WHY?"

Thanks to a group of friends from Newcastle, U.K., "milking" is now a thing.

Apparently the group of young Newcastle lads have produced a creative little video  pouring four-pint jugs of milk over their heads while fully clothed people in various public places watch.

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And wouldn't you know it, the internet loves it — or at least we're watching it. After only six days, the Milking Newcastle YouTube video (above) has more than 232,000 views.

And before you can say, "Why is milking a thing?" copycats have popped up all over the U.K. That's right, there are milking videos from Edinburgh, Oxford, Nottingham and Cirencester, reports The Guardian.

The media, too has jumped aboard the milk train, perhaps because everyone knows no decent journalist can resist a good dairy-related pun.

Here are a few of the worst offenders:

"Whey to go, students!"

"Among the creme de la creme of British youth, an udderly bizarre trend has emerged"

"No amount of crying will put this pointless wastefulness back in the bottle."

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Some are even calling milking the new planking. Remember planking? It's involves laying face down somewhere odd and then having your picture taken.

After planking came Batmanning (hanging from stuff by your feet), owling (squatting on stuff) and horsemanning (it's complicated). It was only a matter of time before some other pointless, yet mildly entertaining internet sensation came along, and milking is just that sensation.

There is one thing that sets milking apart from previous trends — it's a waste of milk and money. Seeing as we've got a global recession going on, much of the media and the public is none too pleased to see milk being wasted in such a frivolous manner.

So, is milking worth the $1.50 (milk is really cheap in England) and the four pints of milk? Watch the video and decide for yourself.