Modern Toilet restaurant has diners eating off bathtubs, toilet seats

Lia Grainger
Shine On
December 3, 2012

Common sense tells us that there are few things less appetizing than a pile of feces. So why in the world is a toilet-themed restaurant that serves dishes with names such as "green dysentery" and "diarrhea with dried droppings" so popular that it has expanded to 12 different locations?

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That's right, bathroom-themed restaurant chain Modern Toilet first opened in Taiwan in 2004 and has since expanded to include 12 locations in Hong Kong, China and Japan with plans to open in Malaysia, reports BuzzFeed.

But don't get grossed out just yet — there is no actual feces on the menus, just a lot of items that sound like something that belongs in a toilet.

At Modern Toilet, the emphasis is really on the décor. Diners sit on toilet shaped-seats (with the lids raised) and are served meals like hot pots and curries in smaller toilet bowl-shaped dishes.

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The tables are made of bathtubs with glass tops, and drinks come in urinal-shaped receptacles. Even dessert comes in a little toilet, and the chocolate ice cream is appropriately swirled to look like — you guessed it — poo.

Would you eat at Modern Toilet? If the answer is no, there are still heaps of other extreme themed restaurants to jazz up the eating experience.

At Hajime Restaurant in Thailand, googly-eyed robots deliver items and dance, while at Hospitalis restaurant in Latvia, the restaurant serves drinks in test tubes and feeds diners with surgical tools.

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Still there's something about a menu item called "bloody poop" (it's actually strawberry ice cream) that suggests Modern Toilet has taken themed eating to a new and incredibly unappetizing level.

Bon appetit!

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