The most ridiculous diet advice ever

Dieters will try anything to shed a few pounds, and the newest craze is sure to get people feeling the freeze.

Dr. Brian Weiner is the creator of The Ice Diet and says that noshing on homemade slushy concoctions of shaved ice and artificial sweetener could help those battling the bulge shed the pounds once and for all.

Weiner credits the icy beverages to his own successful 50-pound weight loss, saying the cold temperature of the ice increases the number of calories a person burns, saying that for every litre of ice someone eats would burn about 160 calories.

“When ingesting clinically significant amounts of ice, the body must burn energy to warm the ice to body temperature. The ingestion of ice would also provide some level of satiety,” he tells the Toronto Sun.

But nutritionist to the stars Rehan Jalali says Weiner’s theory is bunk.

“I have not seen any published studies to remotely even suggest that ice consumption can help with weight loss.”

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Other wacky things people have tried in the name of losing weight include:

Cotton Ball Diet

A rumoured old trick of models, eating things like paper towel, toilet paper and even cotton balls are done all in the name of staying slim. Supposedly, the non-food things make you feel full without the calories of actual food.

Complications include choking, malnutrition and even intestinal blockages that require surgical removal.

Baby Food Diet

Followers of the Baby Food Diet dine on the same pureed jarred meals as infants, in an effort to lower their overall caloric intake to lose weight. While it’s not harmful in and of itself, you’ll need to ensure you’re still getting enough daily calories.

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Tapeworm Diet

Not for the squeamish, the Tapeworm Diet calls for the dieter to ingest a tapeworm in the hopes that the parasite will use the calories (and nutrients) from any food you consume.

Common side effects of tapeworm infection include vomiting and diarrhea, which likely amounts to the weight loss followers see as the worms themselves don’t consume nearly as many calories as humans do.

Tapeworm infection can also result in blindness, brain damage and death.

Twinkie Diet

The idea behind the Twinkie Diet was that you can eat all the Twinkies you want, so long as your total caloric intake was low enough to support weight loss. Because who needs a proper balance of macro- and micronutrients, not to mention vitamins and minerals, anyway? (Now, if science ever comes up with a Doritos and gummy bear-only diet, we’ll take that under advisement.)

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Detox Diet

While Gwyneth Paltrow may love a good detox diet, her New Year’s cleanse was slammed by experts for being too low in calories and lacking in nutrients.

"There is no doubt that this diet will make you lose weight, as this is a starvation-type-diet with lots of liquid to make you feel full, but nothing to nourish the body or soul," Dr. Fred Pescatore tells Radar Online. "It's basically no food or nutrition."

Paltrow has previously spoken out about the effects another extreme weight loss technique, the Master Cleanse, had on her.

There have also been folks who claim to subsist off sunlight, drop pounds through breathing a certain way, and even diet with a feeding tube.

For more of the craziest diets in history, check out the video below.