Mother declines son’s birthday party invitation with homophobic note


Whatever happened to politely declining an invitation?

A young boy named Tommy from Baldwin, N.Y., was invited to a tie-dye-themed birthday party for Sophia, a friend of his turning seven.

His mother, Beth, didn't just decline the invite for him — she scrawled a preachy note to Sophia's parents.

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Beth's objection to the party: Sophia has two dads.

"Tommy will NOT attend," Beth writes. "I do not believe in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your 'lifestyle.' I'm sorry Sophia has to grow up this way. If you have an issue or need to speak to me: [phone number]."

The mother's rude note was first posted on K-98.3's Facebook page — and Beth, clearly not afraid of confrontation, didn't seem to object to her number being posted, either.

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K-98.3 writes on Facebook that Beth “gave us permission to post her phone number and said anyone who has a problem with what she wrote can call her, too!”

(Because we don't encourage bullying, we've deleted it here.)

One Facebook user tried to call the number and claims it has already been disconnected.

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Comments poured in, overwhelming in support of Sophia and her dads.

"I HOPE little Sophia did NOT see this selfish woman's response. Opinion or not, this adult stuff has no business in a child's milestone," writes one Facebook user.

Another Facebook asks if there's a way for her to send a card to the birthday girl.

And another hopes that Tommy grows up to fall in love with Sophia — "for karma to do its job."

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