How much fat will Canadians be consuming this Christmas? See our Global Christmas Fat Finder

Shereen Dindar
Contributing Writer
Shine On

'Tis the season to get... Spanks?

Between Christmas puddings, juicy roasts and oh-so-decadent eggnog, our waistlines are bound to expand even just the slightest this coming month -- but which country will see the biggest weight gain?

In a recent study released by Yahoo, we compiled the most unhealthy traditional holiday foods from 15 countries around the globe, ranking each by the amount of fat the country's signature dish and dessert contains (to be fair, we also handpicked each country's healthiest holiday dish!). We then rounded up the average fat count of each country's festive meal and ranked them in order of "fatness."

Here are some of the highlights from our Global Christmas Fat Finder:

1) Spain ranks No. 1 for fattiest holiday meal. Their Christmas spread will pull in more than 70 grams of fat per serving, mostly thanks to the popular main, roast lamb. The Mediterranean country also tops the list for their dessert made with the most fat -- a traditional nougat called Turron, consisting of honey, almonds and egg whites.

2) Canada falls in the mid-range out of 15 countries for total fat consumption, with an average of 49 grams. Our country's Christmas pudding dessert reels in only 5 grams of fat -- one of the lowest on this list.

3) If you think Canadians eating habits closely remember our neighbours to the south, think again. The United States fell second to Spain in overall fat consumption, with 65 grams of fat. The way they prepare their turkey is pretty healthy, but their must-have pumpkin pie brings in 13 grams of fat.

4) It also appears that we have much to learn from our British friends. They rank five countries below us in overall fat consumption, with 30 grams. Though similar to us, their cranberry sauce and Christmas pudding dessert are safe low-fat options.

What are some of you favourite holiday dishes? Tell us in the comments below.