Tim Hortons marriage? Nova Scotia couple ties the knot at Canada’s favourite coffee joint

Jordana Divon
Shine On

Congratulations to Charlie and Natalie Aalders of Nova Scotia, who wed each other in a small, intimate ceremony before family and friends last weekend.

But it’s Tim Hortons who’s likely got the real honeymoon feeling this week after the couple chose to tie the knot at the franchise location where they met for their first date two months ago.

“We didn’t want to spend a lot of money,” Natalie tells CBC. “But we wanted everyone to enjoy it. Tim Horton’s was the place we met so it just seemed right.”

Between last week’s Roll Up the Rim proposal and a homemade love song tribute to Tim Hortons, the coffee company's position in the cultural stock market may have entered an entirely new stratosphere.

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Back to the real newlyweds, though, as they’re the real reason we’re gathered here today.

The Kings County Advertiser notes that the couple met on an online dating site in early 2013 and sat down for their first face-to-face date, a hot chocolate at a New Minas Tim Hortons, two months ago.

“Neither one of us drink coffee, but we figured we could get a hot chocolate,” says Charlie.

The date, much like the chocolate, went down very smoothly. By Valentine’s Day, Charlie spray-painted “Will you marry me?” inside a giant heart in the backyard. He lined the heart with floodlights, waited until dark, and turned them on to reveal his written proposal. A delighted Natalie said yes.

With no time to kill, the couple set a date for four weeks hence. On March 16, a very surprised group of customers in New Minas, N.S. must of thought their double-doubles hadn’t quite kicked in yet when a civil wedding began to take place in front of them.

“The owner called me on Wednesday and indicated that there was going to be a wedding at our store and I said ‘wow’!” employee Shirley Robinson-Lucas tells CBC, adding that she purposely kept the information from regulars to keep everything hush-hush.

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The bride wore pink and guests received prepaid Timmy’s cards to fill up on the wedding beverage of their choice. To many, this proved far more exciting than an open bar at a banquet hall.

“I’d say 95 per cent of the people thought it was an amazing idea. It’s different, original, fun,” Charlie says.

Despite the surprise element, and some pre-planning stress, Natalie says that everything went perfectly well.

“It’s something people will talk about,” she tells the Advertiser. “We can always come back here and have our coffee and remember it.”