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You can now consume your favourite famous icon in Popsicle form

Sheryl Nadler
Shine On
July 31, 2012

Remember when you thought a Mickey Mouse ears ice cream pop was just about the coolest thing you'd ever seen? Well, Mickey's going to have to make room for a few new kids in town, thanks to a Russian advertising agency with a penchant for the cool and delicious.

Stoyn, a Russian design and branding firm, has created all manner of edible 3-D popsicle art, bearing the likeness of pop icons Marilyn Monroe, Darth Vadar, Che Guevera, 80s horror flick icons Chuckie, Freddy and Jason and many more.

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Each unique ice cream treat has been given a flavour the designers feel embodies the icon's personality — so Marilyn Monroe is Strawberry and Cream, Darth Vadar is Licorice and Blueberry, Chuckie is Apple Carrot puree and so on. And yes, our favourite Disney stand-bys are in the mix, too. Mickey is Mango and Donald Duck is Banana Chocolate.

The idea to create the pop-icon Popsicles initially came about as a project for a client but when the client didn't fulfill their contractual obligations, Stoyn decided to turn lemons into lemon pops.

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"First, it was for self-promo for our newly created studio, as pop-art project," Stoyn co-founder Victoria Mamikonova tells Wired magazine. "Now we think that this product would be appropriate for special events and for some conceptual cafes/stores, but probably not the mass market. We are not interested in it only as a consumer product. We believe that the key idea of this project is not only sales, but really to surprise people and make them happy."

Sadly, this means that Stoyn's pop-icon pops do not appear to be available for Canadians consumption just yet. For now, we'll have to settle for regular ice cream pops of yore.

Watch the video below for how to make the perfect star lollipops.

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