Follow Me: Photos from around the world with photographer’s girlfriend leading the way in every shot

Hilary Hagerman
Shine On

Russian photographer Murad Osman’s travel photos are anything but typical.

His intimate photo collection “Follow Me” has become an internet sensation over the past few days, thanks to the beautiful scenes he captures and the undeniable sweetness of each shot.

The setup of every photo is similar: Osman’s girlfriend Nataly Zakharova, back turned to the camera, with her hand outstretched behind her. In each shot, Osman’s hand is stretched out to hold Zakharova’s -- he’s literally following her around the world.

Osman, who works as a producer at a film company in Russia met Zakharova at a photo shoot in Moscow, and they grew closer over time.

His Instagram feed shows photos dating as far back as October 2011, and judging by the photos, the couple has visited numerous destinations stretching from their native Moscow to Singapore, Bali and London. The couple also mixes things up with occasional quirky locations like Ikea and an outdoor wedding.

"The first photo happened in Barcelona while we were on vacation,” Osman tells the Huffington Post Canada. “My girlfriend was a bit annoyed that I was always taking pictures of everything, so she grabbed my hand and tried to pull me forward. That said, it didn't stop me from doing photos while she was pulling me.”

And so, the idea was born.

When he started shooting, Osman took the photos with his iPhone and edited them with the Camera+ app. But now, he uses whatever photography equipment he has on hand – and tries to keep the touch-ups to a minimum.

“Equipment doesn't matter. All that matters is the idea. Equipment is just helping you to achieve it,” he says.

And while it might seem like this couple spends all their time jet-setting across the world, Osman says it’s not exactly like that.

“It might seem that I have a lot free time, but actually we travel mostly for 3-4 days abroad due to me being always busy at work,” he explains.

The couple plans to shoot their next set of photos in New York this April.