Pizza Hut Canada’s poutine pizza is its latest nod to ‘cultural diversity’

Shereen Dindar
Contributing Writer
Shine On

In an attempt to embrace Canada's changing food landscape, Pizza Hut has unleashed a series of deep dish pizzas that claim to represent our country's "cultural diversity and multicultural outlook."

The poutine pizza smothered in fries, gravy, shaved steak, cheese curds and mozzarella is just one of five new pies, including their creamy butter chicken and Asian BBQ. They've also got smokey maple bacon and grilled chicken club.

The fortunate thing for Canucks is that when something as bizarre as a poutine pizza is unveiled, you can bet patriotic tasters will be lining up. The good folks over at the Ottawa Citizen have done us the honours and taste tested the three aforementioned pizzas.

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Their verdict: They suck.

Now that maybe harsh, but keep in mind that one of the newspaper's taste testers has a discerning Italian palate and critical mind.

“My Neapolitan brothers would be spinning in their Italian graves,” he says. “This is an affront!”

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And let's not forget the other delights Pizza Hut has bedazzled in other parts of the world, including the cheeseburger crust pizza in the Middle East, the pizza within a pizza sporting two crusts from Singapore, or the hotdog stuffed crust pizza in the U.K and later Canada.

Will you try the new poutine pizza? What about the other four options?