New poll predicts dating compatibility based on career choice

Jordana Divon
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Teachers are used to putting out fires in the classroom, so it only makes sense that they'd be attracted to men who put out actual fires for a living.

According to a new poll by eHarmony, female teachers who match online with male firefighters are most likely to turn their email chats into a real life date.

Just in time for Labour Day, the popular dating site analyzed communication rates to see how career choice can play a key role in your compatibility factor with another person.

They used these results to determine which jobs were most likely to yield a love connection.

Based on their stats, certain professions tend to be more attracted to others — and many of them fell on opposite ends of the job spectrum.

So what's the big attraction?

"When it comes to who's talking to who, most people are looking to talk to someone who does something different than themselves," an eHarmony spokesperson tells the Daily Mail.

Other job combinations that lead to the highest number of dates include female business executives and male marketers, while female business execs and male engineers also proved a successful pairing.

Want to know who's talking to whom? Survey says that women who are self-employed have the most back-and-forth banter with male engineers, while stay-at-home moms are getting their chat on with male dentists.

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In the survey's more surprising matches, unemployed men are seeking out communication with female personal trainers at the highest rate, while female business executives and male hairstylists are finding tons to discuss.

Career matches least likely to end up meeting at a nearby coffee shop for a little romance?

Female administrative assistants and male bankers didn't defeat the odds, while female students proved most unlikely to linger over a romantic meal with artists and doctors.

Of course, these surveys should probably be approached as informal, anecdotal results based on the data of one dating site.

Naturally, there are untold numbers of teachers who have had horrible dates with the guy from Station 11, while just as many others have found bliss with carpenters, bus drivers and fellow instructors.

Plus the Opposites Attract theory may be enticing at first, but research has also found that the happiest couples in long-term relationships tend to be those who have more in common.

But if the survey inspires you to give that fireman or personal trainer a shot, perhaps that's a good thing.

After all, dating experts also say that the wider you cast your love nets, the greater the chance of reeling in your perfect match.

Check out the video below for tips on keeping your relationship strong.

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