Professionals who drink the most coffee, according to survey

Nadine Kalinauskas
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If coffee is part of your survive-the-workday strategy, you're not alone.

A Gallup poll found that 65 per cent of North Americans claim to sip at least one cup of java a day. And according to an annual informal survey by Dunkin' Donuts and, some jobs seem to dictate more daily cups — or pots — of java than others.

Nearly half of the 4,700 Americans surveyed claimed their workday productivity suffers without coffee. Over 60 per cent of coffee drinkers drink two or more cups a day.

The biggest coffee guzzlers? Scientists and lab technicians.

Marketing professionals and education administrators were found to be the second and third biggest coffee-drinkers, respectively.

Japanese coffee aficionado Ryoko Iwata compiled the survey results into a fun infographic.

See if your profession made the list:

While coffee has plenty of health benefits, Health Canada recommends that healthy adults limit their daily caffeine intake to 400mg a day, the equivalent of about three 8-ounce cups of coffee. Note that most take-out coffees are much larger in size — a 20-oz coffee from Starbucks contains between 370 and 400mg of caffeine — making it easy to exceed the daily limit in one cup.

Here are four reasons to help justify that daily coffee habit.

Coffee drinkers, do you agree with the survey's results? (This writer can corroborate the profession's fourth-place ranking.)

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