Red Lobster server comps widow’s meal on her anniversary

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Every wedding anniversary, Dane and Jackie Gregg celebrated with dinner at their local Red Lobster.

Dane died this March, just months before their 31st anniversary on July 9.

When July 9 rolled around, the Gregg's daughter took Jackie to Red Lobster to continue the tradition.

When their server, Taylor, asked them if their meal was a special occasion, Jackie's daughter shared the story of decades of anniversaries at Red Lobster.

When it came time to pay the bill, Taylor brought them a handwritten note:

"We are sorry to hear about your husband’s passing, but we appreciate your loyalty in spending 31 years of your anniversary with us. For your appreciation your meal is on us! We look forward to spending your next anniversary with us! Sincerely, Red Lobster + your server, Taylor."

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"It was basically one of the most genuine, kind things a person can do," Jackie tells the Missourian, adding that she and her daughter cried as they read the note.

Jackie's son, Reddit user Coppin-in-washin-it, posted a photo of the note on Reddit this Wednesday and it quickly went viral.

"It really went big fast," Jackie says. "I was just in awe."

A spokesperson for Red Lobster confirms to Buzzfeed that the note is authentic and the sweet gesture did happen at a Missouri location. When the note when viral, the PR team tracked down the server.

"What Taylor, the server, and Chad, the manager on duty, did demonstrates how our teams live Red Lobster's core values of genuine caring and hospitality each day," spokesperson Erica Ettori tells NewsChannel 5.

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"All of us at Red Lobster are truly proud of the Columbia team and appreciate their commitment to making every guest's dining experience a special one. We also extend our wishes to the family who dined with us and look forward to serving them again next year!"

"We do nice things because it's just the right thing to do," Chad Ward, the shift manager that evening, tells the Missourian. "It's the Red Lobster core values."

The moving story inspired other Reddit users to share their own stories of restaurant generosity. Some were about Red Lobster:

"My wife was very pregnant with triplets and was craving Red Lobster's cheddar rolls. I called and told them that she wasn't allowed to stand for very long since she was supposed to be on bed rest, and I knew they didn't take reservations, but I was hoping for an exception. The manager told me that he would put us on the list, and he would take care of the problem. We walked in, and he met us at the door, and walked us to our table," writes Reddit user Cincyme333.

"When the bill came, he had comped 1/2 the bill, and gave us a dessert, and a bag of cheddar rolls to take home. We didn't expect it, but it was deeply appreciated. I still remember the manager's name, Jeff Triplett, since we were having triplets. Red Lobster scored some points with us that night."

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And some stories were about local favourites:

"My dad passed away at the end of May. The evening of the day he passed we had some extended family at my parents house, whom had been there for support while he was in hospice. We ordered 3 large pizzas and a large, family-sized salad from our favorite delivery place, Pagliaccis. We've been ordering from them for years and they know our family," writes MariHawk.

"When the delivery came, we went to the door and found they had sent two people, a driver and a manager, to deliver the pies, along with a condolences note from the staff. Our order was complimentary and we were in tears."

"Large Pagliacci pies run upwards of $26 (they're worth it), so they comped us about $80. The note was what made it so personal, and touching. All in all, a great local company that will always hold a special place with our family. My dad grew up in the Bronx and always said it was the closest Seattle came to NY-style pizza. It was his favorite."

Jackie hopes the news of this small act of kindness will inspire people to not take life for granted.

"When you go through something like this, even though we were married 30 years, death comes so fast," Jackie says. "I hope everybody can learn to just stop, take time and enjoy life.

"Love your kids, love your grandkids, and take them to Red Lobster," she adds, laughing.