Sausage Double Beef Burger from McDonald’s China rivals KFC’s Double Down

Hilary Hagerman
Shine On
March 22, 2013

Are you a fan of a little something extra on your burger? Maybe some bacon, cheese or mushrooms? How about a couple of plump sausage links?

If this sounds like your dream burger, you’re in luck – but only if you’re willing to travel to China.

Introducing the Sausage Double Beef Burger from McDonald's China. It’s two beef patties and two monster sausages drizzled with mustard. There’s no sign of any greens

“We’re guessing Mickey D’s corp begrudgingly included the bread,” writes Charisma Madarang for Food Beast.

And according to one writer, the burger actually tastes pretty good.

“When the server asked if I wanted to try it and pointed at something that seemed to be at least 90 percent meat, I readily agreed,” he writes for Shanghaiist. “It was f**king delicious.”

Apparently McDonald’s offers something similar in Germany. The Nuremburger includes three Nuremberg sausages topped with crispy fried onions and mustard sauce.

These all-meat burgers rival KFC’s Double Down, the infamous food that made headlines when it debuted in Canada in 2010.

Numerous nutritionists raised eyebrows at the sandwich that packed 540 calories and 1,740 milligrams of salt. Even the sandwich maker warned people to eat with caution.

“"We wouldn't recommend consumers eat this all the time," Dan Howe, the chief marketing officer of KFC operators Yum! Restaurants Canada, told the Globe and Mail at the time.

According to McDonald’s China’s website, the Sausage Double Beef Burger is priced at 17.50 yuan – about $2.90 here in Canada. Quantity over quality, right?

This insane burger is only available for a limited time in China, and McDonald’s hasn’t yet said if they’ll be bringing this sausagey goodness to North America.

So, for now, you’ll have to satisfy your cravings with a good ol’ double Big Mac, or maybe a hotdog stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut. We promise, we won’t judge.

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