Scottish nightclub has two-way mirror in the women’s bathroom and women don’t know about it

Shereen Dindar
·Contributing Writer
Scottish nightclub has two-way mirror in the women’s bathroom and women don’t know about it
Scottish nightclub has two-way mirror in the women’s bathroom and women don’t know about it

All in favour of only using two-way mirrors for criminal prosecutions or scientific study, say "aye".

All in favour of using two-way mirrors for creepy and adolescent-like behaviour, say "aye". Anybody? Anybody?

A recently-opened Scottish nightclub, The Shimmy Club, is under police investigation for installing two-way mirrors in the women's bathroom and charging male customers £ 800 (CDN $1,250) for a private booth to view the women on the other side, reports Scottish Sunday Express.

Yes, western society is regressing, folks. You read it here.

The most unethical part of the two-way mirror set up is that the women are unaware of the mirror, yet the club maintains they have posted a sign explaining it. Scottish Sunday Express reports that there are, in fact, no signs anywhere on the premises.

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“I was completely shocked to discover that the mirror in the ladies’ bathroom is a two-way mirror facing out onto the club," says a female patron quoted in the newspaper.

“Nowhere is it made clear that this is the case so when visiting the bathroom for the first time, there are women bending over the sink, pouting into the mirror to redo their lipstick, adjusting themselves whilst unknowingly being watched by people on the other side.”

An online petition to retrieve awards recently given to the investment company that owns the club, G1 Group, has attracted over 1,580 signatures as of Friday.

The club owners are taking some serious heat on their Facebook page, but they're still determined to defend their behaviour.

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The Shimmy Club issued a statement earlier in the week after reporters from Scottish Sunday Express posed as customers and exposed the two-way mirror story. The following statement was posted on the club's Facebook page but was later removed and could not be found as of Friday morning.

The Shimmy Club's two-way mirror is a design feature created as a bit of fun, an interactive feature which we hoped would act as a talking point for people visiting The Shimmy.

There has always been signage in the toilets which no-one has mentioned thus far but as a result of the media feedback clearer signage has been put in place to inform our female customers.

God help us when they find out that we have buried vibrators into sections of the dancefloor...............

It's probably a wise thing they took down their bogus statement on Facebook because as a new business they can't afford bad press, and will likely sink themselves into a deeper hole if they don't learn public relation basics and release a statement that actually helps their brand.

What are your thoughts on this type of mirror being used? Would the club be shut down if the same thing happened in Canada?