Snake cake goes viral: Looks so real you might just jump when you see it

Shine On

It slides, it slithers, it has…a delicious sponge-cake filling? Okay, so this stunningly realistic cake may not actually be able to move, but it certainly looks like it could.

The creepy cake was made by professional cake-maker Francesca Pitcher for her daughter's sixth birthday, as part of her North Star Cake business. A 37-year-old mom from Maidstone, Kent -- a small town in the U.K. -- made the cake in response to her daughter Claudia's request for a "spooky-themed" birthday party, according to the Daily Mail.

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Apparently Claudia has a thing for reptiles, so Pitcher decided an albino Burmese python cake would really make her daughter's day. She spent three days on the slithery sensation, including 12 hours decorating it, painstakingly carving white chocolate layers to mimic the creature's scaly skin.

If that seems a bit bizarre, here's the oddest thing: Pitcher actually has a phobia of snakes. She says that she regretted the idea for the snake cake the moment she thought of it. But then, as she was researching the project, something changed.

"At first I couldn't even look at the images of them online but as I kept researching them I realized they weren't so bad and had quite beautiful patterns," Pitcher tells the Daily Mail. She says the process helped her get over her phobia, though she still had to keep the finished cake in a box because she didn't want to look at it.

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Pitcher wasn't the only one frightened by the saccarine python.

'The children were fascinated by the cake and weren't scared at all, but their parents gave it a wide berth when they arrived and some of them were quite freaked out by it," says Pitcher. In the end, Claudia and her friends fought over who would have the pleasure of eating the head.

Here in Canada, we've got a few crazy cake makers of our own. At The Best Cake Shop in Ottawa, you can get a cake made to look like everything from a stack of newspapers to a dish of poutine. And while they're incredibly lifelike, they're missing that certain deadly-reptile quality that makes you want to run screaming from the room.

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