Sushi wedding cakes for die hard fish fans

Shereen Dindar
·Contributing Writer

If the last thing on your mind after gorging yourself full at a friend's wedding involves shoving more food of the non-sweet variety down your throat, you're not alone. There's a reason why dessert is sweet and small. Because our over-bloated tummies need a break from more of the same.

Yet Boston couple Robert and Christina decided to honour one friend's sushi request by make him and his newly married bride a sushi wedding cake. Christina and her husband couldn't make it to Jef and Jin Yoon's wedding, so instead Christina made the couple a sushi wedding cake at a reception after their wedding day.

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In her blog, she details the exact recipe she uses for the mammoth size four-tier fish extravaganza, complete with edamame, avocado, tobiko and mache lettuce. And let's not forget the yellow rubber ducks dressed as bride and groom a top the cake.

It looks likes Christina is not the only person with grand ideas of mixing sushi and wedding cakes together.

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Texas couple Jennifer and Kevin Monnich had their sushi wedding cake featured on a U.K. wedding blog. Except there was one main difference -- theirs was a "real" cake made of flour and eggs that simply looked like sushi. It was delicately decorated with fondant in pink and purple hues, including fondant shaped into sushi pieces.

If you think these cakes are weird, you should check out the wedding cake of another Texas bride who requested a life-sized replica of herself for her special day.

What's the most unusual kind of wedding cake you've ever seen? Tell us about it in the comments.