Two-year-old skateboarder shows off impressive moves

Nappy-clad two-year-old Kahlei Stone-Kelly from Australia is already displaying impressive skateboarding skills.

If you're feeling insecure about your skateboarding skills, don't watch the video below. You're about to be shown up by a two-year-old.

Australian toddler Kahlei Stone-Kelly is the coolest diaper-wearing athlete around.

The two-year-old boy from Victoria, Australia, was born into a family of professional skateboarders — and has been perfecting his moves since he was six months old.

A video of the confident tot jumping curbs and riding over ramps has gone viral, earning him the unofficial title of "youngest skateboarder in the world."

And while the daring tyke goes helmet-less in the video, Facebook photos reassure us that Kahlei often wears his safety equipment.

Up next for the skateboarding prodigy? Potty-training.

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