Two women launch campaign to pressure Nike to create better women’s shoes

Shereen Dindar
Contributing Writer
Shine On

Two London, U.K.-based women, Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis, are motivated by their collective desire for better Nike women's shoes. So motivated, in fact, they have started a campaign that puts pressure on Nike to design some of the company's best men's shoes in women's versions.

The two ad agency employees are jealous of the most stylish Nike men's shoes and say that the women's shoes don't measure up.

"All the best Nike trainers, the good ones that look shit-hot, don’t come in women’s small sizes," they write on their website Purple Unicorn Planet.

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They have created a Twitter account @PunicornP and hash tag #PleaseJustDoIt that encourages people to tweet Nike and urge the shoe giant to change their ways. The ladies have posted their correspondence with Nike on their website showing their requests for shoe after shoe, only to be told they are not made in women's sizes.

The couple swear they did not start this campaign to generate buzz for their ad agency, yet they certainly talk like marketing professionals.

"We saw a gap in the market and we want cooler trainers in girls' sizes. We are both huge Nike fans and love their men's designs, so that's why we are focusing on Nike," Riss tells AdWeek.

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The Purple Unicorn Planet website at first glance looks like a website that sells Nike shoes, but when you click on an image of a shoe to buy, a curious message pops up.

"Want this trainer in women's sizes? It doesn't exist. Spread our letter, click 'share' and #Pleasejustdoit till Nike can't ignore it."

Nike has yet to respond to the ladies' campaign.

What are your thoughts on the #Pleasejustdoit campaign? A waste of time or a worthwhile endeavor?