U.K. man proposes to flight attendant girlfriend in midair

Lia Grainger
Shine On
September 19, 2012

Ah, young love.

It can make you do some pretty crazy things, like sneak onto an airplane and propose to the girl you've been dating for a mere six months while flying 35,000 feet over France.

The above YouTube videos shows the story of Kieran Pallet, who got down on one knee and asked his flight attendant girlfriend to marry him while they were mid-air on a flight from Birmingham to Barcelona.

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Pallet disguised himself and was able to sneak on undetected with the help of the rest of the crew on the BMI Baby flight. Then, about 30 minutes into the trip, the crew revealed there would be a special announcement. His girlfriend, Lucinda Taylor, 21, had no idea what was happening until Pallet, 20, was on his knee and holding out the ring.

"I was completely in shock, I started crying," Taylor tells the Daily Mail. "I think some of the passengers might have clicked what was going on, but they all started cheering and clapping - everyone loved it."

The couple kisses and embraces before ducking into the crew area as another flight attendant tactfully draws the curtain.

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"He's such a shy person, really quiet so it was a bit of a shock," Taylor tells the Mail. "I just knew straight away he was the one. He would go to all this effort for me. I'm so happy!"

The couple plans on marrying in 2014.

While their story is sweet, it's certainly not original. The internet is awash with videos of in-flight proposals, so much so that the Huffington Post has created a compilation of their eleven favourite airborne proposals — many of them Canadian — and eHow has published an article on how to do it right.

Planning your own in-flight proposal? Here's eHow's top tip: make sure she'll say yes. If she doesn't, you're stuck in the air for what promises to be a super awkward flight home.

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