Useless Fashion 101: Snake leggings moult off like the reptile skin

Snakeskin isn't new in fashion. But fake snakeskin pants that moult off reptile-style? That's one trend reserved for the boldest (or craziest) of fashionistas.

Designer Camille Cortet has created scale-like leggings made from laser-cut textiles, which brings new meaning to the term "disposable fashion". The leggings start to break apart as the wearer moves throughout the day — until the pants fall off...entirely.

"The tights are becoming a second skin...It ages and breaks as a skin. The wearer can escape from its pants when they become too old," Cortet writes on her website.

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While the designs first surfaced in 2010, they're making headlines again — thanks to the Buzzfeed team.

More recently, Couture designer Sylvia Heisel and Rebecca Cole Marshall, a Pratt Institute graduate, played with a similar concept and created a "ready-to-wear-away" dress -- a dress that slowly disintegrates as the wearer's body heat warms its outer skin to reveal a second layer.

And in 2011, fashion and engineering students teamed up at Steffield Hallam University to create a dissolving wedding dress.

"As each layer of the dress is dissolved it reveals the next piece, while the last layer is intended to be kept as a memento of the wedding," reports the school's website.

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The truth is fashion innovators are always looking to create something new, something that makes us rethink our sartorial choices.

One Nanotech researcher believes that clothing will one day power our smartphones, thanks to fabrics that could serve double-duty as a lithium-ion battery.

But perhaps less extreme, LED footwear recently made its debut at London Fashion Week. So far, the crystal-light shoe is considered a one-off design.

Could shoes with built-in circuit boards really find a place in our wardrobes? Or would you rather adopt crazy trends inspired by nature — and don a pair of moulting leggings?

They'd probably look great paired with a pair of Gaga-approved dead animal shoes, no? Specifically the snake-head ones.