Victoria’s Secret considers mastectomy bra for breast cancer survivors due to petition

Nadine Kalinauskas
Shine On

Allana Maiden, 27, recently launched a petition on, asking Victoria's Secret to offer beautiful mastectomy "survivor" bras for women who've beaten breast cancer.

"I got to thinking about how my mom has to drive an hour and a half to a specialty store just to buy a bra," Maiden tells CBS News about her mother, Debbie Barrett, the breast-cancer survivor who inspired the petition.

"There's really something we should do to make these bras more accessible to women."

Victoria's Secret is taking Maiden's request seriously.

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When the petition reached 118,000 signatures, Maiden and Barrett hand-delivered the petition to Victoria's Secret New York City office.

Tammy Roberts Myers -- vice president of external communications for Limited Brands, Victoria's Secret parent company -- met with the mother-daughter duo about the line of mastectomy bras being requested.

"We were just blown away," Maiden tells ABC News of the visit. "They actually want to send us out there and are taking this seriously. I didn't know what to expect meeting someone so high in the company. I thought it would just be a pat on the back — 'Good job, we can't do it.' It was amazing. I do think that [Victoria's Secret] is interested in figuring out how to do this."

"If there's anything I could tell the 118,000 people who've signed my petition right now, it's that Victoria's Secret is taking very seriously the comments from survivors and their families and friends who want to see 'Survivor Bras' in their stores," Maiden says in a press release. "It's been wonderful to see all this support and to have the chance to talk to Victoria's Secret representatives about how much this amazing decision would mean to survivors of breast cancer."

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A statement from Limited Brands to ABC News reads:

"We celebrate those who champion the fight against breast cancer. Victoria's Secret and...Limited Brands, have been dedicated to helping eradicate this disease and have committed tens of millions of dollars to cancer research. Ultimately, we are working towards celebrating the day when breast cancer is a thing of the past. In the meantime, we are listening and learning to understand if there are additional ways for our company to continue to extend its support."

The department store Nordstrom heard about Maiden's petition and is offering to convert a few of their bras into mastectomy bras for her mother though its prosthesis program.

"We can do it right in-store and it makes it so customers can still enjoy the lingerie they've always loved even after a mastectomy," Nordstrom spokesperson Kelly Skahan writes in an email to ABC News.

Maiden plans to continue campaigning until the "survivor" bras are in stores.

"(My mom) just said that she's really proud of me that I'm doing this," she tells CBS News.

Barrett emphasizes: "I was just really proud of her, going out and making a stand for others. I’m always proud of her."