Victoria’s Secret shop opens at…NFL football stadium?

Jordana Divon
Shine On
October 3, 2012

Two gorgeous blondes caused a frenzy at the Dallas Cowboys football stadium recently and it had little to do with the action on the field.

On Monday, Victoria's Secret models Jessica Hart and Elsa Hosk swooped down to promote the opening of the popular lingerie company's new PINK store, a retail offshoot located smack in the middle of the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

While some may question the relationship between football and women's sleepwear, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks the pairing makes perfect sense.

"Well, we've got some beautiful places out at that stadium, some gorgeous surroundings, and nothing would be nicer than to have the showing of pretty clothes," Jones tells 105.3 The Fan radio station (via Forbes).

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The move makes more business sense when you consider the type of merchandise sold in this particular Victoria's Secret locale: PINK collections tend to be heavy on branded sweatpants, cotton tops and panties rather than the bra-and-thong juggernaut that first made the company famous.

The move also coincides with the PINK brand's new NFL collection, a collaborative effort that allows football-loving females to drape themselves in comfortable outwear adorned with the logo of their favourite team.

So, in case you were picturing pigskin fans lining up for bra fittings before hitting the popcorn stand, well, you're not entirely wrong.

But the company's assures customers that the Cowboys' PINK experience extends far beyond the right cup size. Instead they describe it as a "fully articulated lifestyle collection for young women that include bras, panties, loungewear and sleepwear."

Expect the novelty factor to drive sales for some time.

While unusual, this wouldn't be the first time a well-known brand has opened shop in a counter-intuitive place.

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The Wall Street Journal notes that the Subway sandwich chain's decision to open franchises in strange spots — ranging from a riverboat in Germany to a church in Buffalo, New York — has made the company a world leader in terms of the number of active restaurant units, surpassing McDonald's.

And the tactic extends beyond retail. Boston's Liberty Hotel has received enormous buzz for opening its luxury accommodations in the former Charles Street Jail.

Whether this latest Victoria's Secret venture does well over the long haul depends on how willing women are to do their undergarment shopping at a football game instead of just going to the mall.

Yet arguably, the publicity generated by this creative endeavour is a touchdown in and of itself.

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