This video of what the world eats for breakfast is making us hungry

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March 19, 2014
What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?

Sayonara, Special K!

Thanks to this adorable little video from the folks at BuzzFeed, we're taking some morning mealtime inspiration from our foodie friends across the world and going beyond the oh-so-boring cereal and toast options we've been subjecting ourselves to since the dawn of the nine-to-five.

Pho before 9 A.M.? Sure!

Olive oil instead of maple syrup? Why not?!

Indeed, it seems that us North Americans (okay, and Australia, too) are pretty much the only ones who restrict our breakfast options to the same-old sugar-loaded cereal bowl with a side of processed meat.

Take a look at Japan, where a typical breakfast includes rice, miso soup and pickled veggies. Or Egypt, where a creamy dish of mashed fava beans and oil (called ful medames) starts your day.

While our friends down under seem to share our affinity for cereal and toast, we've gotta wonder what's up with their vegemite. Seriously, guys, the brown yeasty paste may fuel all your wicked surfboard skills, but it looks like -- well -- you know what.

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