This wedding dress is made entirely of cake, a whole 17 tiers of it

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Shine On

Hannah Millington-Day wanted to have her cake and wear it too.

The six-year-old daughter of confectioner Donna Millington-Day took pencil crayon to paper and sketched her dream dessert -- an edible, life-sized version her mother’s wedding dress.

For almost any other little girl, this artistic exercise would have stopped at a few admiring words from mum and perhaps some key real estate on the refrigerator.

But Donna, who owns and operates Fairytale Cake Company in Staffordshire, U.K., had other plans – and those plans involved 28 pounds of flour, 224 free range eggs, 28 pounds of butter and an entire week in the kitchen.

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“We wanted to do something a bit different for the wedding show and Hannah was going through my old wedding photos when she suggested we recreate my dress,” she tells the Sun.

“I thought it was a great idea and although it’s not an exact replica I have taken the details like the corset and styling on the side of it.”

The finished product, which the 36-year-old baker revealed at last weekend’s National Wedding Show in Birmingham, stands 6 feet tall, boasts 17 tiers and measures 30 inches around the base.

Twenty-two kilograms of sugar paste, two pounds of icing and hundreds of pearls made out of sugar were placed by hand on the finished product.

“We chose to make a satin, lace and pearl simple yet intricate design with roses and drapes,” Donna adds.

“The satin finish was achieved using a pearl lustre and each swirl was hand-piped.”

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Though the cake is meaty enough to feed a wedding party of 2,000, the Millington-Days have no plans to sell the creation they say would retail for £6,000 ($9,300 CDN).

Thanks to the massive international attention her cake has received, the dress will sit in the display window of Fairytale Cake Company until it succumbs to the elements.

While impressive, however, this is not the first time a confectionery has churned out a wedding dress cake. In fact, the idea of a wedding dress cake has been around in plentiful form for years.

Slattery’s, a patisserie in Greater Manchester, displayed a similar effort three months ago. Though Millington-Day’s cake is far more elaborate, readers weren’t happy that the Sun article failed to acknowledge Slattery’s prior effort.

Of course, there’s only one question to ask in a situation like this: What would the Cake Boss do?