Wine bottle handbags: Would you buy a purse designed to hold a wine bottle?

Sheryl Nadler
Shine OnJuly 3, 2012

You're just heading out to your bestie's dinner party, when you reach for that cute, new clutch you've been dying to wear. Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Bottle of wine? Hmmm. That won't fit into your teensy little bag and you can't possibly ruin your outfit by wrapping the bottle in an unsightly plastic grocery store bag. What's a fashionista to do?

Enter the wine bottle handbag. Yes, it seems some entrepreneurial designers really have thought of everything. Swiss designer Claudia Eicke tells the Daily Mail she wanted to design a bag that would hold everything a modern woman needs — a bag that could carry her from daytime at the office to a night on the town.

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The result? The Envoyage Taschen Weekender, a goatskin handbag complete with a "tunnel" compartment at the bottom, designed to hold a bottle of wine, that retails for approximately $1,376. And Eicke isn't the only designer thinking about wine bottle transport. Dooney & Bourke offers a Wine Bottle Picnic Tote at around $300, although it's not designed to carry your shoes. And the Nola Wine Clutch Wine Purse rings in under $50.

So what do stylists say about a purse designed to carry your wine?

"I wouldn't suggest something like this to a client," says Lisa McLatchie, a Toronto-based personal stylist and founder of Practical Fashionista. "I think the style of bag you choose to carry speaks volumes about your personal style and who you are. But a bag made to carry around your wine? I am all for making a statement with your purse, just not that type of statement."

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While she thinks the aesthetics of the bag are nice enough, McLatchie questions the appropriateness of bringing a bag to work that is specifically designed to carry a bottle of wine. She also has doubts about who the wearer of a bag like this might be.

"If they can afford to spend money on a bag like that, they're probably not toting wine from place to place," she says. "They're probably going places to drink wine. I can't imagine who it would be well-suited for."

The bag's main purpose would be as a conversation or status piece, says McLatchie.

"Personally, I find it gimmicky and kind of silly," she says. "I would also wonder about someone who invested that kind of money in a purse made to carry their wine around in."

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