Woman marries a Ferris wheel: The bizarre trend of marrying inanimate objects

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Linda Ducharne recently married a ferris wheel named "Bruce the Skydiver."

Linda Ducharme recently renewed her wedding vows, a symbolic gesture that wouldn't ordinarily raise eyebrows except for the fact that her husband is a giant Ferris wheel.

The Florida woman tied the knot last year with the steel structure she affectionately named "Bruce".

Ducharme reportedly has a condition called objectum sexuality, which results in feelings of affection and love towards inanimate objects.

"I got this weird feeling I can't explain. My heart was pounding as we went up the platform and got on the ride. I felt like I was being taken by this ride," she tells New York Daily News of the day she met "Bruce" at a carnival in 1982.

It was love at first sight, and she insists her feeling are genuine.

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"Bruce is my world, I think about him constantly, it just completely feels right when I'm with Bruce," she tells The Metro.

The vow renewal ceremony was conducted by a man who resigned from the Catholic Church because of his role in the unconventional ceremony.

"I tie you flesh to steel," the priest said, according to The Independent.

"Bruce" isn't Ducharme's first love. She's had previous flings with an airplane and a train.

The trend towards marring inanimate objects is picking up steam. While the reasons behind the unions are varied, many of the marriages are considered a political act by people who are passionate about a cause.

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For example, this month an Argentinian environmental activist married a tree in a symbolic gesture of love for the planet.

Last year, a Seattle building-preservation activist got engaged to a neighbourhood, after previously being married to a warehouse.

And this summer, an Australian artist married a bridge in southern France to represent her passion for bridge architecture and Pagan spirituality.

What are your thoughts on people who marry inanimate objects? Do their reasons make a difference in how you view them? Tells us in the comments below.

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