Woman vows to finish bucket list of young organ donor who saved her life

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Kristina Chesterman was a 21-year-old at Chico State when she was killed by an alleged drunk driver. (ABC News)

A 64-year-old California woman whose life was saved by a young organ donor has vowed to fulfill the bucket list of the woman who gave her a new heart.

Susan Vieira -- who suffered from congestive heart failure and probably would have died had she not received a new heart -- now gets to look forward to skydiving and travelling across the world.

Her donor, Kristina Chesterman, was a 21-year-old nursing student at Chico State University in California. She was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver while riding her bike home from school one day, reports San Jose Mercury News.

Kristina's organs went on to give five other people a new chance at life -- including two babies who received parts of her liver and a family friend who got her kidney.

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Kristina's mother recently stumbled upon a bucket list that her daughter had written which included things like running through a poppy field and riding in a hot-air balloon.

“It was so like her because she was so organized. She had her whole life planned out. It was almost like she knew her life was going to be short. She felt like she had so much to do,” mother Sandra Chesterman tells ABC.

Vieira never knew who saved her life, until she found a local news article revealing her donor six months after her transplant.

The article also explained how Sandra wanted to meet the woman who received her daughter's heart.

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It was then that the pair connected through social media, which eventually lead to an emotional meeting between them.

"She read me Kristina’s bucket list,” Vieira says. “It was as if I was getting a CV of my life. There were so many points that I had already accomplished on that bucket list. It was uncanny.”

Vieira says she has already ridden a camel and learned to fly a plane.

Vieira was so touched by the encounter that she's decided to honor Kristina by fulfilling the rest of her bucket list.

“I’d like to think all the things I continue to accomplish in my life, I’m taking Kristina with me,” she says. “Together, we will finish her bucket list.”

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