Women paint shoe soles red to get Louboutin look

Sheryl Nadler
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Have you ever really wanted a high end designer handbag, article of clothing or pair of shoes but couldn't afford them? You're probably in good company. But that isn't stopping some women in the United Kingdom from using creative methods for obtaining what appears to be the pricey footwear they covet.

Red paint is all the rage in the U.K., reports the Telegraph. Small tester pots of red paint are reportedly flying off the shelves of local hardware stores and being used to paint the soles of non-designer shoes owned by the fashion-conscious. Why? To appear like Christian Louboutin's pricey footwear, shoes that famously boast trademark red soles, of course. And can cost more than $1,000 a pair.

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Knockoffs and emulating other people's looks is a part of how trends are formed , says Amy Lu, a Canadian fashion stylist based in both Toronto and Vancouver. But women who paint the bottoms of their shoes red to make them appear like Louboutins aren't fooling anyone, she says.

"Part of the experience of wearing Christian Louboutin shoes is not just having the red soles, but the way they feel and the craftsmanship and quality. There are other ways to dress affordably and look really chic without painting the bottom of your shoes."

These days, it's so easy to get knockoff looks from shops like H&M and Zara — looks that don't actually copy a particular designer item, but do really well at picking up on a trend or look. People shouldn't feel they need to outright copy any one designer item or outfit, says Lu.

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"They want a piece of that experience and they want to emulate celebrities and the girls they see in magazines so in a way it's a natural progression, but I think we should focus on individuality and finding your own sense of style instead of trying to copycat a certain designer," she says.

And as far as all those counterfeit designer bags you find in big cities?

"People in the know, know it's fake, so why wouldn't you just either save up your money and get a version of the real thing? Or pick a look that is something you can afford and wear it with confidence? You'll end up looking better anyways."

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