‘World’s toughest job’ offers no salary, no vacation and no sleep

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The 'world's toughest job' offers hopeful candidates no salary, no vacation and no sleep.

It requires the incumbent work 135 hours a week, all while standing, and the person must have three degrees -- in finance, medicine and culinary arts.

What is this job? Director of Operations. Is it real? No.

Cardstore -- a U.S. greeting card company -- recently launched a Mother's Day video ad featuring job applicants being interviewed for a fake position they listed online.

The job description is purposely gruelling, meant to represent the "job" that millions of mothers have across the globe in honour of Mother's Day.

In the video, applicants believe they are being interviewed for a real job. But as the employer talks about the duties, the candidates show their visible disgust and objections to the position, calling it inhumane.

"Nobody's doing that for free!" exclaims one applicant.

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The ruse is revealed near the end of the video when the employer tells them millions of people around the world already hold this job -- mothers.

The look of relief on the applicant's faces is priceless! One of the applicants actually breaks down in tears while thinking about her mother.

In just one day, the ad has gone viral with over one-million views and close to 900 comments being posted on its YouTube page.

What are your thoughts on the ad? Thought-provoking or gimmicky? Sound off in the comments below.

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