Yoko Ono’s new men’s fashion line features suggestive pants

Lia Grainger
Shine On

Just when you thought she couldn't get any more wonderfully wacky, Yoko Ono goes and designs the perfect pair of bumless pants.

Yup, you read that right — the artist (and former beau to the late John Lennon) has just debuted her first ever collection of menswear, Yoko Ono Fashions for Men, which she says was inspired by a series of drawings of items she dreamed up for Lennon before they were married.

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So while you read the following descriptions, it's probably best to picture each item worn by the former Beatle. Here we go: a mesh top with no shoulders, a jacket with one mesh sleeve, a pair of white pants with a black hand print over the crotch, a hoodie with a bum drawn on it, a male bra with lights for nipples, kneepads with eyes on them, a shirt with the nipples cut out, and of course, those fabulous pants with the mesh butt window.

Of course the collection is incredibly easy to mock — pants with a butt window in memory of Lennon!

So who are these clothes for? Are they even meant to be worn?

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For those of you who haven't been following Ms. Ono for the past few decades, she is something of a conceptual artist these days, so it's quite possible that these comical clothes are some sort of statement on the heavily sexualized nature of women's fashion, and how there is almost nothing out there in the same vein for men.

Think about it — would you question a cleavage window in a woman's top, or a ladies jacket with one mesh sleeve? And yet when a man's sexy parts are emphasized in the same way, as Yoko has attempted here, it becomes laughable.

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Or perhaps Yoko had a target audience in mind.

"This is gay lingerie," wrote one commenter on a Jezebel article about the fashion line. Perhaps. And maybe there are also some cheeky straight lads out there who like the idea of their crotch getting a little more attention. Another Jezebel commenter wrote, "I'm being dead serious - my male ex would wear the pants with the hands in the crotch area, and some of my coworkers are already making their wishlist."

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So who knows — maybe Yoko is really onto something here, or maybe she's just as incredulous as the rest of us that someone would consider paying $250 for a jockstrap with a light where the penis goes.