New York City grocery store opens Man Aisle

Sheryl Nadler
Shine On
July 27, 2012

How many times have you sent a guy shopping just to have him text you for a reminder, or in-store directions on where to find specific items? That only happens on TV sitcoms, right? Not according to at least two enterprising grocery store executives in New York City.

Westside Market NYC, a grocery store on the upper west side of Manhattan, has introduced a "Man Aisle," to their shop, complete with everything a man needs. Chips? Check. Barbeque sauce? Check. Beer? Check check. Condoms? Obviously.

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"We picked a couple of joke items — we could have chosen any ordinary coffee, but we picked Chock full o'Nuts," chief operating officer Ian Joskowitz tells the New York Post. "But then a couple of us got a little overboard, so we tried to tone it down to not offend anyone."

Joskowitz and the store's CEO George Zoitas came up with the idea in their "man cave" of a second-floor office, after reading about an ESPN study that claims 31 per cent of men do  the household shopping, which is up from 14 per cent in the 80s.

Zoitas points out to the New York Post that men don't like carrying lists. Which might go hand-in-hand with the fact that many men don't like asking for directions. PsychCentral reports that by the tender age of 6, boys already show reluctance to ask for directions and by 8 they can describe the areas around their homes in vivid detail.

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"The result is that men are more confident about their sense of direction and less anxious about getting lost. Women report more anxiety about everyday directional tasks, even about knowing which way to turn coming out of a parking garage," reports PsychCentral.

Male customers at Westside Market NYC seem to think the Man Aisle is a great idea.

"I don't like to spend much time in the grocery store, so having this aisle makes things much easier for me," customer Andy Huber tells the Post.

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