Young woman transforms into senior using only makeup

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How many years older or younger could you make yourself look just by applying makeup? A few years? A decade? What about 40 years?

A Reddit user -- identified as a woman younger than 21-- first posted a photo of herself. Then alongside that photo, she posted another photo of herself with intricate makeup that made her look decades older. The images are a remarkable testament to what a combination of genuine talent, time and cosmetics can create.

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User gingeralee claims she was bored one night and wanted to see if she could get into a club without being carded. She applied wrinkle lines around her eyes, mouth and forehead, resulting in droopy eyelids, laugh lines and crow's feet. Needless to say, her devious plan worked and she made it into the bar.

She isn't the first teen to stun with a remarkable makeup transformation.

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Teen model Cassandra Bankson captured the world with her YouTube tutorial videos showing how she uses makeup to cover up her acne-ridden face.

And transgender teen Cassidy Campbell, who won prom queen at her California high school this year, offers YouTube tutorials on how to transform from being a boy to girl.

Have you ever used makeup for such a drastic transformation? Tell us in the comments below.

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