2013's Haircut Of The Year Has Arrived!

Ariel Kaiser, The Thread Stylist
How ToJanuary 23, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, just one month into 2013, we have a new official haircut! The New York Times calls model Karlie Kloss' chin-length chop the "haircut of the moment," after a four-page spread appeared in Vogue.

Kloss' cut is defined by its just-above-the-shoulder, uniform length, which is a big contrast to her previous long and wavy hair.
Her hairstylist, Garren Defazio, is responsible for the idea, and a phone call from Vogue sealed the deal. “Her hair had been worn out from shows and shoots,” Defazio told the New York Times. “Vogue called and said, ‘Would you do a cut?’ and I said Karlie should be the one to do it on.” Kloss was a little reluctant to chop it all off, as she hadn’t had short hair since grade school, but her jaw-skimming cut with Jane Birkin-esque bangs is not only healthy, it’s setting a huge trend. Michelle Obama and Kylie Minogue have already been spotted with the chop.

It was a pretty bold move for Kloss, who, like all successful models, generally tries to present herself as a clean slate; this makes it easier for designers and hair and make-up teams to create their of-the-moment vision.

Could this be a sign that the "MTV House of Style" co-host is trading the modelling world for full-time acting? She did tell Vogue: "It’s been a year of big change for me. Now feels like a good time for a fresh start.” 

Will this trend die out? It is only January, the month of big changes. Or will it take off like the "Rachel" did, driving hairstylists into a frenzy to recreate the look on women all over the country? Only time will tell.

One thing's for sure: it will be interesting to see how the "Karlie" gets styled during New York Fashion week, which begins February 7.

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