10 things you didn’t know about Kate Middleton

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We all know the Kate Middleton story by now — girl meets boy, boy turns out to be Prince Charming, marriage follows and they live happily ever after. But what about the real Kate, away from the spotlight and media attention? We've done some digging on William's new wife, so check out these 10 lesser-known facts about Britain's favourite princess.

SAS training

It seems Kate is one princess not to be messed with. Due to the enormous amount of attention she was receiving after her and William's engagement, the royal-to-be was deemed a kidnap risk and sent to SAS headquarters for training. There she was given an intensive course by Britain's Special Forces on how to react to dangerous situations, so she's now fully prepared to deal with any would-be attackers. Kidnappers, you have been warned!

Oldest royal bride

With her radiant good looks and perfect figure, 'old' is certainly one word we would never associate with Kate. However, at the ripe old age of 29 on her wedding day, Kate became the oldest royal bride to walk down the aisle. Her new Gran-in-law Queen Elizabeth II was 21 when she got married in 1947, and the late Princess Diana tied the knot with Prince Charles when she was only 20.

Catherine, not Kate

Most of us know her by the nickname 'Kate', but did you know the latest royal addition actually prefers to be referred to by her proper name, 'Catherine'? Since achieving royal status she feels that 'Catherine' is more suited to a person in her position. Sadly we think the years of media attention as 'Will and Kate' mean she is stuck with her unfavoured nickname for the foreseeable future.

Not so humble beginnings

The media likes to portray Kate's marriage to William as a rags-to-riches tale, in which the noble prince sweeps the small-town common girl off her feet and shows her a life of luxury. This isn't quite the case though, considering both of Kate's parents were already self-made millionaires due to their hugely successful party supplies website. They even had enough money to send Kate to Marlborough College, one of the most expensive private schools in Britain.

Kate Middlebum

It turns out that Britain's newest princess had quite the cheeky side when she was younger — literally. An old school teacher of Kate's claimed that the future princess was prone to mooning boys out of windows as a prank, earning her the nickname 'Kate Middlebum'.

Sports crazy

She pulls off the look of elegant princess effortlessly, but did you know Kate was quite the tomboy when she was younger? Sports mad Kate was a keen hockey player at both school and university, and even held her school's record for the high jump and long jump.

Kiss the cook

They could take their pick from the best chefs in the world to cook for them, but apparently Kate actually prefers to personally prepare meals for her and William when they're at home. She doesn't get that jaw-dropping figure by eating whatever takes her fancy though. Kate's diet reportedly consists of healthy foods such as lean meats, salmon, beans and salad.

Babykins and Big Willie

With the media circus that constantly surrounds them, we often forget that when it comes down to it Will and Kate do a lot of the same things as regular couples do. One such loved-up habit is the use of pet names — 'Babykins' for Kate and 'Big Willie' for William. Hopefully she'll cut this out when he ascends to the throne though. 'King Big Willie' isn't very regal, is it?

DIY makeup

There were reportedly over a billion people watching the wedding, and she had a future king to impress, so surely Kate had her makeup done by a professional? Apparently not. After the success of her self-applied makeup for the couple's engagement photos, Kate decided to stick with this approach for the wedding itself. She wasn't flying completely solo though — she had a series of private lessons with expert beautician Arabella Preston before the big day.

Frugal fashion

Even though she has both the budget and the status to wear clothes from any exclusive designer she fancies, Kate is a big fan of high-street fashion. She regularly buys outfits from normal British retailers, and transforms these everyday items into princess-worthy apparel. This has given birth to what is dubbed the 'Kate effect'. Whenever Kate is pictured in a high street item, it instantly sells out as people try to emulate the fashionable royal.