New “Skyfall” Poster: Is Bond Going Underground?

Yahoo! Contributor
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Bond, James Bond: That most quintessentially British of all movie spies, will soon be back with the latest Bond film, "Skyfall." Here's the just-released film poster.

The poster shows Bond walking through what at first appears to be the traditional Bond gun barrel but what turns out to be a tunnel, probably one of the "Tube" tunnels in the London Underground, which reportedly plays a role in the film. Don't worry; there's still gun, right there in Bond's hand.

Like Bond himself, plenty of the people involved in making the film — in front of and behind the camera — are British. Directed by England-born Sam Mendes, "Skyfall" promises everything a Bond film should, including beautiful women, with English actress Naomie Harris (so great in "28 Days Later") as Agent Eve. This is "blond Bond" Daniel Craig's third spin as the suave spy.

But it's apparently M (Judi Dench), Bond's beloved boss, who causes the biggest ruckus in "Skyfall," as her past comes back to haunt not just her but everyone at the MI6 intelligence agency.

Perhaps fittingly, the film's main bad guy is played by a non-British actor, Javier Bardem —possibly the franchise's most sexy villain since Xenia Onatopp.