Bob Saget's widow Kelly Rizzo confirms she moved out of their home 3 months after his death

Kelly Rizzo has moved out of the home she shared with her late husband Bob Saget.

The Eat Travel Rock host, 42, confirmed the news in an Instagram Q&A on Wednesday — and gave a glimpse of her new digs, including a wall of "Bob things." She also shared what she misses most about the actor and comedian.

"So, yes, I moved — you figured it out," Rizzo said two weeks after Us Weekly reported that she's selling the home she shared with the Full House star in L.A.'s Brentwood neighborhood.

She said that every day since Saget's unexpected death on Jan. 9 "has its own personality," as she grieves. "I'll have a day this week that is way worse than a day from a month ago. Some days are OK. Some are sad. But usually, every day has a little bit of everything."

As she settles into her new place in Hollywood, she's found "it helps me to curate a lot of 'Bob things' that are around me that remind me of him." She said it's "comforting" and "therapeutic" to be surrounded by "happy Bob memories and things."

She captured a video of a shelf that had some of their 2018 wedding photos. There was also a candle, martini glass and a roll of film.

(Screenshot: Kelly Rizzo via Instagram)
(Screenshot: Kelly Rizzo via Instagram)

The foodie also shared a video panning her kitchen with blue cabinets, saying, "It's very cheery and bright." On the counter was a photo of Bob and a plate with a photo of them together.

(Screenshot: Kelly Rizzo via Instagram)
(Screenshot: Kelly Rizzo via Instagram)

Rizzo told their engagement story (it happened while they watched Stranger Things), and showed her "B" arm tattoo and a new necklace with the same initial given to her by a friend. She also shared some of the books about grief that she's been reading.

She said what is getting her through the day is "feeling grateful for what I did have with" Saget, who died from blunt head trauma in an Orlando, Fla., hotel room while on the road for his comedy tour. "And what I still have. And not feeling like I lost my husband but feeling like I still have him. It's just a different relationship."

Rizzo also credited "Bob's incredible daughters": Aubrey, Jennifer and Lara. "I love them more than anything. I am so grateful for them [and] couldn't imagine not having them." She also talked about support from her family, Bob's friends, her friends "and the love and support from everyone" that she's felt since the tragedy.

She also shared that she hasn't traveled in three months, which is a big part of her life and work, and she's getting back to it starting with a trip to Chicago next week. She also has an international work trip coming up, followed by a family wedding in Sicily this summer.

The Q&A ended on an emotional note when someone asked what she missed about Saget, who was 65.

"Hugging him," she replied, before the grief seeped back in. "Dammit now it hit me again," she added.

(Screenshot: Kelly Rizzo via Instagram)
(Screenshot: Kelly Rizzo via Instagram)

According to the Us Weekly report, Rizzo is "in the process of putting their family home up for sale. While there are many happy memories they shared together with his family, it has become too much of a burden on her to keep the house," which Saget reportedly bought for $5.8 million.

The home was where she grieved Saget with his friends and Full House family gathering there after the star's death to mourn.