Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab electric truck platform revealed for commercial applications

John Beltz Snyder
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Bollinger Motors has been developing the super-cool B1 and B2 electric sport utility and pickup trucks, which will appeal to well-heeled enthusiasts and ranchers alike, with off-road capability and retro ruggedness. Bollinger’s portfolio is expanding beyond these buyers, using the original vehicles as a foundation for broader appeal. Last month, we saw its E-Chassis to underpin other Class 3 electric vehicles, offering a gateway into the commercial truck market. Now, Bollinger has unveiled the next evolution of its future product lineup with the B2 Chassis Cab commercial truck platform.

The B2 Chassis Cab (B2CC) is, obviously, based on the B2 electric pickup, using the aforementioned E-Chassis. It’s available with a two- or four-door cab, and offers various wheelbase lengths to accommodate builds for various purposes. In the gallery above, we can see some of the possibilities Bollinger envisions for the B2CC, such as a box truck, contractor truck, bucket truck or tow truck. Bollinger also says it could be used in municipal fleets, by emergency responders, in non-tactical military applications or by various businesses like plumbers, electricians or landscapers.

However outfitted, the B2CC features a 120-kilowatt-hour battery pack, two electric motors providing all-wheel drive, a 5,000-pound payload, portal axles and robust hydro-pneumatic suspension that can self-level and provide a range of ride heights. Its electric driving range and capabilities will of course depend on the build of the truck. Bollinger says the B2CC will be available to commercial outfitters late next year. Honestly, though, we just can’t wait to see the first Bollinger-based overland camper.

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