BookTok users can now tag books in their videos

BookTokers rejoice! You can now tag books in TikTok videos thanks to a new partnership with Penguin Random House.

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So much of #BookTok is discussing and recommending books, and with over 77 billion views, it’s one of TikTok’s most popular hashtags. But TikTok doesn’t always make external linking easy. Now, users can instantly get more info on the books that creators are discussing.

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How to link to books on TikTok

The TikTok Newsroom states, “Users in the US and UK can now access the BookTok feature by clicking ‘Add Link’ and searching for ‘Book’ before posting their video.” Users can tag their book of choice, and after the video is posted, viewers can click the link located above the captions. They can also then save the books to their “Favorites” tab.

Can I tag any book?

Nope. As of right now, you can only tag Penguin Random House books available in your country. The only countries with access to the feature right now are the United States and the United Kingdom.

BookTok is pretty excited about the new feature

TikToker @kimmybookss showed how BookTokers can use the feature. When a creator links to a book, it appears above the captions. Users can then click on the title to get info, including a synopsis, blurbs, page count and even more videos from other creators who have linked to the same book.

“Bruh my wallet about to hurt,” a person wrote.

“Oh My God I don’t know if this is a delight or another way to make our bookish lives more chaotic,” another joked.

“I’m gonna be adding books to my wishlist everyday with the new update,” someone added.

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