Boy flushed his mom’s engagement ring a year ago. Sanitation workers just found it

When a California man found out his fiance’s 5-year-old son had accidentally flushed her engagement ring down the toilet, he did everything he could to find it.

He removed the toilet from the flange and even rented a “sewer inspection camera to search for the ring in the drainpipes,” the city of Chino Hills said in a May 17 news release.

And though he spotted it with the camera, the man accidentally pushed the ring farther down the pipe, according to the city.

After his unsuccessful attempts, the man called the city in March 2022 to report the ring missing, according to the release.

The city said it searched the mainline using a closed-circuit television inspection truck. Sanitation staff also tried to flush the home’s pipes while watching the mainline “in hopes the ring would turn up.”

“However, it was unsuccessful,” the city said.

Then, as sanitation crew members were “performing their routine sewer maintenance” in the man’s neighborhood this May, they found a ring and retrieved it.

After contacting the man, city staff confirmed the ring was in fact the one the boy flushed more than a year ago, the city said.

“The ring was sterilized and returned to the resident the next day,” according to the city.

Chino Hills is about 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

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