‘My boyfriend’s ex is mad I’m pregnant’

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A pregnant woman is shaken after her boyfriend’s ex flew into a rage upon learning about her pregnancy.

The woman asked for advice on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum. She explained that she and her boyfriend have been together for two years and unexpectedly became pregnant

“My boyfriend’s ex-wife just reached out to me absolutely FURIOUS because we just announced our pregnancy,” the woman posted on Reddit. “She called me all sorts of names and insists he’s just going to ‘leave me in the dust’ once he’s bored. Apparently she really wanted kids with him and it never was able to happen for them. This wasn’t exactly planned but I’m really hurt by her outburst.”

Considering the context of her boyfriend and his ex-wife’s relationship, the author is able to deduce what the ex is so upset about.

She continued, “She is acting furious that he dare get a girlfriend pregnant (which was an accident to begin with) when he wouldn’t have a child when they were married.”

Her post also contains an edit with some helpful details. 

“I just learned something that brings things into context more,” she added. “The reason they split initially is because she wanted kids then and he decided that he didn’t.”

Context aside, the woman just wants to know what she should do in this situation, if anything. 

She concluded the post by writing, “I feel so terrible and sick to my stomach about it. Their old friends are on her side and I’m baffled as to why. What do I say to her?”

‘You don’t owe her a response’

The comments were flooded with overwhelming support for the woman, and the most popular comment suggested that she say nothing at all.

“Not a damn thing … You don’t owe her a response. If [she’s] mad let her be mad in her corner. Block her on everything. Your business shouldn’t matter to her,” wrote one Reddit user. 

Other users were able to understand — but not excuse — the ex-wife’s behavior. 

“I doubt she’s even really angry at [the author], it’s probably misdirected pain from the fact that she wasn’t able to have a child with her ex, and now he’s knocked up another woman, by accident, who also happens to be quite a bit younger than her,” read one comment.

The commenter continued, “She’s probably in a pretty horrible place mentally. That’s not an excuse to lash out of course, but I think this is another good reason why [the author] shouldn’t respond as you say. It’s not really about her, and nothing she can say will change how this woman feels.”

The overall consensus seemed to be to ignore the ex-wife and enjoy the present moment.

“Block her and remind yourself that this is a happy time,” one user wrote. “You’re having a baby! Yay! She’s just jealous, don’t let that get in the way.”

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